Eighth Plenary UN-GGIM Europe - October 2021


Opening of the Eighth Plenary of UN-GGIM: Europe, Chair – Tomaž Petek, Chair of the Executive Committee UN-GGIM: Europe

UN-GGIM: Europe – Year in Review, Tomaž Petek, UN-GGIM: Europe

Working with our UN-GGIM: Europe partners/stakeholders, Chair – Janusz Dygaszewicz, Poland

Report from UNECE, Steven Vale, UNECE
Update from Eurostat, Oliver Mueller, Eurostat
Update from EuroGEO, Jean Dusart, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation

Implementing the IGIF/stakeholders, Chair – Susanne Ås Sivborg, Sweden

Update from the HLG-IGIF, Anders Sandin, Co-Chair HLG-IGIF
Update from Germany, Paul Becker, Germany
Update from The Netherlands, Eva-Maria Unger, The Netherlands

UN-GGIM looking to the future, Chair – Ingrid Vanden Berghe, Co-Chair UN-GGIM

Highlights from GGIM11/Strengthening Institutional Arrangements on Geospatial Information Management, Greg Scott, UN-GGIM

Data for the decade of action, Chair – Tomaž Petek, Chair of the Executive Committee UN-GGIM: Europe

SDG Data Alliance, Carmelle Terborgh, Esri for the SDG Data Alliance
Pan-European datasets: Getting ready for the decade of action, Léa Bodossian, EuroGeographics
Geospatial Data Driving DRRM during the Decade of Action, Simone Lloyd, UN-GGIM Working Group on Geospatial Information and Services for Disasters

UN-GGIM: Europe – keeping up with a changing landscape, Chair – Frank Tierolff, the Netherlands

Report from Working Group on Core Data, Clement Godin, France
Report from Working Group on Data Integration, Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu, Germany
UN-GGIM: Europe strategy, David Henderson, United Kingdom
UN-GGIM: Europe Work plan, Francisco Vala, Portugal

Side Events

GGCE: Pulling Together – European Contribution to the Global Geodetic Centre of ExcellenceConcept note and agenda

Germany’s offer to host the GGCE and Status of the establishment of the GGC, Paul Becker & Johannes Bouman, BKG, Germany
Challenges in establishing and operating global geodetic infrastructure, Per Erik Opseth, Norwegian Mapping Authority, Norway
Swedish contribution to the international geodetic Infrastructure, Martin Lidberg, Lantmateriet, Sweden


The challenge of GEOAI: GEOAI for Good & GEOAI for a Sustainable EuropeConcept note and agenda

Machine Learning for Earth and Climate Sciences, Gustau Camps-Vall , Valencia University, Spain
Machine Learning and Deforestation in Amazonia, Maria Brovelli, UN-GGIM Academic Network/Politecnico di Milano, Italy
AI at national mapping and cadastral agencies in Europe, Colin Bray, OSi/EuroGeographics


European Data Policy: the changing landscape Concept note and agenda 

European Data Policy underpinning the European Green Deal, Stefan Jensen, EEA
Modernising INSPIRE within the European Green Deal Data space, Francesco Pignatelli & Aleksander Kotsev, JRC
Location interoperability good practices ELISE framework and support, Francesco Pignatelli, JRC

European Data Policy – Consolidated slides

Supporting the Global Statistical Geospatial Framework, Hannes Reuter,  Eurostat


Standards: Bringing geospatial information and statistics togetherConcept note and agenda

Discrete Global Grid Systems (DGGS) and confidentiality, Ana Santos, Statistics Portugal
Implementation of the GFGS in Germany, Marcus Brühl, BKG, Germany

German GSGF analysis – report

The recently released Geo-GSBPM, Steven Vale, UNECE Statistics Division