Working Groups

The aim of UN-GGIM: Europe is to contribute to the more effective management and availability of geospatial information in Europe and ensuring that the work of the Regional Committee is aligned to the global UN-GGIM programme. At its eighth plenary meeting in October 2021 the Regional Committee approved and adopted a renewed strategy of UN-GGIM: Europe. The renewed strategy outlines the mission of UN-GGIM: Europe, which is to maximise the use of geospatial information in Europe for a safer and more sustainable world.

Regional Committee of UN-GGIM: Europe identified five key priority area that meet the strategic alignment of the needs and requirements of Europe within the global programme of the Committee of Experts; regional working groups cover these areas following a work plan approved at the annual regional plenary meetings.

Working group  implementing 2015 – 2022 work plan: