Ninth Plenary UN-GGIM: Europe June 2022

The ninth plenary meeting of UN-GGIM: Europe was held at United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland on the 20 – 21 June 2022 overlapping with the 70th Session of the Conference of European Statisticians (CES).


Plenary Meeting agenda


Opening of the Sixth Plenary of UN-GGIM: Europe
UN-GGIM: Europe – Year in Review, Tomaž Petek, Chair UN-GGIM: Europe
Report from UNECE, Steven Vale, UNECE


Leaving no one behind, bridging the digital divide
Session Chair:  Frank Tierolff, Executive Committee UN-GGIM: Europe
Implementing the IGIF, Jamie Clark, HLG-IGIF
Presentation from WHO, Stephen Mac Feely, WHO
Member engagement and capacity development, Steven Ramage, GEO


Implementing the UN-GGIM: Europe work plan
Session Chair:  Janusz Dygaszewicz, Executive Committee UN-GGIM: Europe
Report on Data Integration deliverables, Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu, Germany
The UN-GGIM: Europe work plan, an overview, Francisco Vala, vice-Chair UN-GGIM: Europe
Lines of work: Data integration/ SDGs, Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu, Germany
Line of work: IGIF, James Norris, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
Line of work: Data & Policy, Ewa Surma, Poland
Line of work: Europe GRF, James Norris, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

Plenary Wrap up, coming soon

List of participants,  coming soon

Common Day with the Conference of European Statisticians (CES)

Material from the joint sessions with the CES  can be found here