5th Joint UN-GGIM: Europe – ESS – UNECE Meeting, March 2019

Item 1 Introduction and adoption of agenda Chair, All
Item 2 Report from the UN-GGIM: Europe Working Group on core data UN-GGIM: Europe
(François Chirié, Dominique Laurent)
Item 3 Report from the workshop on the use of INSPIRE in November 2018
EuroGeographics organised a workshop on the use of INSPIRE in November 2018. IGN will present the conclusions from the workshop.
IGN FR (Dominique Laurent)
Item 4 Report from the EEA on INSPIRE priority data sets for environmental monitoring and reporting EEA
(Stefan Jensen)
Item 5 Presentation from the Commission on the action to better use official Member States‘ data for pan-European data for the Commission
The Commission will present the action to produce pan-European geospatial datasets for internal use, in particular for statistics, from Member States‘ data.
(Julien Gaffuri)
Item 6 European Location Services and Core Reference Data – two new products and services meeting EU needs
EuroGeographics will present the state of affairs of the ELS and the Core Reference Data projects, in particular the expected availability of operational data and services.
BKG DE – EuroGeographics (Sonja Werhahn)
Item 7 Report from UNECE, and information on the planned UNECE – UN-GGIM: Europe workshop on data integration in May 2019 in Belgrade UNECE
(Steven Vale)
Item 8 Report from the UN-GGIM secretariat and presentation from the UN-GGIM: Europe work plan UN-GGIM: Europe secretariat
(Carol Agius, Tomaz Petek)
Item 9 Report from the Working Group on data integration UN-GGIM: Europe
(Franka Kunz)
Item 10 Report from the European Forum for Geography and Statistics EFGS
(Janusz Dygaszewicz)