Joint UN-GGIM: Europe - ESS Meeting, Luxembourg, March 2015

The Joint UN-GGIM: Europe - ESS Meeting was hosted by Eurostat in Luxembourg on the 3rd March 2015




Session 1 – Strategic overview of UN-GGIM: Europe

Item 2  Key note from UN-GGIM: Europe Executive Committee Chair  Bengt Kjellson

Item Key note from Eurostat: Integration of statistical and geospatial information Marcel Jortay

Item 4  Key note from EuroGeographics:contributing to UN-GGIM: Europe  Ingrid Vanden Berghe

Item 5  UN-GGIM: What's in it for NSIs? Marie Halderson

Item 6  Development of UN-GGIM at a Global Level Clare Hadley

Item 7  Working arrangements of UN-GGIM: Europe Carol Agius

Session 2 –  Practical Activities of UN-GGIM: Europe

Item 8  Working Group A - Core Data Francois Chirie

Item 9 Working Group B - Data Integration Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu

Item 10 Breakout Sessions

   Breakout Session - WGA  Feedback

   Breakout Session - WGB   Feedback