The 3rd Joint UN-GGIM: Europe - ESS Meeting

The 3rd Joint UN-GGIM: Europe - ESS Meeting was hosted by Eurostat in Luxembourg on the 31st March 2017

Meeting Chair – Bengt Kjellson, Chair of UN-GGIM: Europe

Welcome Marcel Jortay, Eurostat

Item 1 – Agenda

Item 2 – Report on the activities of UN-GGIM: Europe during 2016, Carol Agius, UN-GGIM: Europe

Session 1: Reports from UN-GGIM Working Groups A

Item 3 – Report and update from WG A on Core Data, François Chirié & Dominique Laurent, France

Item 4 – Results from the survey on statistical units, Ignacio Duque, Spain

Session 2: The monitoring framework of the UN SDGs and the role of geospatial information

Item 6 – UN-GGIM: Europe working group on SDG monitoring, Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu, Germany

Item 7 – National sustainable development strategies – the German example, Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu, Germany

Item 8 – UNECE activities in the area of SDG monitoring and in the integration of statistics and geospatial information, Lidia Bratanova, UNECE

Item 5 – IAEG-SDG sub working group on geospatial information, Olav Eggers, Denmark

Item 9 – EU SDG indicator set, Fritz Gebhard, Eurostat

Item 10 – Making Space for Location in the SDGs – How can we ensure a consistent approach to location in the SDG monitoring? – Panel discussion – UN-GGIM: Europe, UNECE, Eurostat, EFGS, EuroGeographics, IAEG-SDG WG GI