UN-GGIM: Europe participates in UN-GGIM expert consultation

UN-GGIM expert consultation meetings were held in Aguascalientes, Mexico from 22-26 January 2024 . The consultation focused on advancing the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (UN-IGIF), cooperation with the SDG Data Alliance as well as an Expanded Bureau Meeting of UN-GGIM. Frank Tierolff, co-chair of UN-GGIM Europe, represented the European Regional Committee during the sessions.

Key topics for Frank were the focus on implementation of the IGIF Framework, the relevance of co-operation with the different stakeholders (especially the other regional committees of UN-GGIM, the Geospatial Centres of Excellence, the Networks and related Communities) and the importance of inclusion and diversity in the Agenda of UN-GGIM. Also the need to work actively on progressing climate resilience and the future of the geospatial information ecosystem were addressed.

Presenting the current workplan of UN-GGIM: Europe gave a good overview of the circular approach of the European Executive Committee. Also the pragmatic style and active ways of working of the different working groups, as well as the defined key performance indicators to measure progress were emphasized. Frank reached out to the other Regional Committees to work together in seminars and workshops to ensure a lasting impact while supporting Member States in enhancing geospatial information management arrangements for accelerating the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

All the presentations and documents are posted on the following website.