UN-GGIM: Europe at GWF16 in Rotterdam

UN-GGIM: Europe organised two workshops at the GWF16 in Rotterdam on the 24th May 2016.

The first workshop focused on Global Fundamental Geospatial Data Themes. Continuing the process which was launched at the High Level Forum in Addis Ababa, the session was the second global consultation the topic by the UNGGIM: WG Fundamental Data. Presentations by Clare Hadley (UK), Chair of the UNGGIM: WG Fundamental Data and Carol Agius (EuroGeographics), UN-GGIM: Europe Administrator provided the delegates with a background, aims and objectives of the Working Group together with an overview of what is understood by fundamental geospatial data themes. The workshop participants engaged in active discussions and debate during the session, offering their views on candidate fundamental geospatial data themes and their importance to the Sustainable Development Goals. The feedback from the workshop will be collated in the work of the Working Group, an interim report will be presented to the Committee of Experts in New York in August.

The second session was led by Bengt Kjellson, Chair of UN-GGIM: Europe Regional Committee. introducing ‘UN-GGIM Smörgåsbord’ in Rotterdam,  the participants were presented with tasters of some of the work that UN-GGIM is engaged in. The 90 minute workshop included presentations on UN-GGIM WG on Land Administration and Management by Kees de Zeeuw (The Netherlands) Chair of the UN-EG-LAM, UN-GGIM WG on National Institutional Arrangements by Nuria Valcárcel Sanz (Spain) from UN-WG-NIA, UN-GGIM: Europe Integrating the statistical and geospatial communities by Bengt Kjellson (Sweden), and an overview of UN-GGIM: Europe engagement with observer organisations Carol Agius from the UN-GGIM: Europe Secretariat. The session ended with an open discussion from the floor.