Outreach Activities by UN-GGIM: Europe Executive Committee Members

UN-GGIM: Europe and how this initiative can help the region build harmonised reference data and suitable infrastructure in Europe in order to contribute to sustainable goals was presented at two separate events organised in Ukraine and Moldova.

The first was a work shop held in Kiev in March 2015, EuroGeographics: from INSPIRE Directive towards the European Location Framework. Two members of the UN-GGIM: Europe Executive Committee participated in this event: Mr. Tomaž Petek, who gave a key note speech on the initiative, and Mr. Andri Tarnopolskyi, who facilitated discussions.

Mr. Tomaž Petek was also invited to give a key note presentation about UN-GGIM at a second event held in April 2015 in Chisinau, Moldova, INSPIRing National Spatial Data Infrastructures Development in Eastern Europe.

In addition, Mr, Bengt Kjellson, Chair of the UN-GGIM: Europe Executive Committee, will present UN-GGIM from a global and a regional perspective at the FIG Working Week in Sofia in May 2015.