Webinar - Data integration in Europe – A perspective on challenges, findings, added value and cost savings in the EU context

15 Mar 2023

Join UN-GGIM: Europe in the first webinar in a series focusing on the main recommendations identified by the Working Group on Data Integration on enhancing geospatial data integration, both nationally and in Europe. This first webinar in the series will take stock of data integration experiences and perspectives at the level of EU institutions and services. Findings and challenges related to both data production, integration and analytical use will be considered. This webinar is designed as a scene-setter and introduction to the more focused webinars that will follow later this year.

The concept note and agenda for the webinar can be found here. The recording can be found here.

Evaluation of the webinar

The webinar took place on 15 March 2023, 13:00 – 14:30 (CET).

Setting the scene: conclusions of the previous work of the working group on data integration – Chairs of the UN-GGIM Europe Line of Work ‘Data Integration’

Geospatial data integration and statistics – experiences and outlook – Hannes REUTER, Eurostat

Challenges and opportunities regarding geospatial data integration for EU-wide territorial policy support – Hugo POELMAN, DG REGIO

Data integration, an asset for policy support and research – Francesco PIGNATELLI, JRC