United Nations Global Geodesy Forum - The Power of Where: The Value of Geodesy to Society

22 Apr 2021

The United Nations Global Geodesy Forum will be convened on Earth Day – 22 April 2021 with the title “The Power of Where: The Value of Geodesy to Society”.

The virtual open forum organized by the Subcommittee on Geodesy will focus on the significance of geodesy for the wellbeing and betterment of society, environment and economy. The forum will highlight to policy- and decision makers, chief executives, director-generals and senior executives from Member States and relevant stakeholders the benefits enabled by an accurate and reliable Global Geodetic Reference Frame, and the crucial role of geodesy in providing safer and more resilient communities, in particular, to measure the cause and effect of sea level rise, storm surges, earthquakes and tsunamis, and assisting developing countries with effective land and environmental management and efficient digital economies.

Concept note, agenda and further information can be found on the UN-GGIM website here.