International Conference on “National Spatial Data Infrastructure: Towards a Digital Society”

2–4 Apr 2020 | Baku, Azerbaijan
The State Service on Property Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SSPI) together with the UNECE Working Party on Land Administration (WPLA), World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, UN-GGIM and UN-GGIM Europe is organizing an international conference in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 2-4 April 2020. The theme of the conference is “National Spatial Data Infrastructure: Towards a Digital Society”.
Digital technologies are profoundly changing our societies. They act as a catalyst to development and, if harnessed, can help reverse negative trends in the UNECE region. Still, good practices are fragmented, and rooted to a particular often local context which does not permit the region to fully benefit from the multitude of opportunities. Considering those bounding conditions, the organizers of the workshop would like to bring together a variety of stakeholders, representing the public sector, civil society, academia and business, in order to (i) exchange good practices, (ii) establish partnerships, and ultimately (iii) learn from each other.