The main focus of the Preparatory Committee during the initial phase has been to identify priority areas of work which the European UN Member States should address during the establishment process of a regional committee for Europe. This has been achieved with the proposal of three working groups dealing with various aspects of the Focus Points for UN-GGIM relevant to Europe and the assignment of the essential task of developing governance for UN-GGIM Europe to working group 3.

The Preparatory Committee has paid great attention to establishing a process which avoids duplication of work and secures the active involvement of the European UN Member States. By establishing the three working groups the Preparatory Committee, in its current restricted composition, has achieved its main goal Terms of Reference of the Committee European Focus Points and Annex to the Focus Points

Minutes of the meetings of the Preparatory Committee on the Establishment of UN-GGIM Europe :

 Meeting  Meeting Date  Size [MB]

Inaugural meeting
November 28th, 2012 0.1
2nd meeting March 4th, 2013 0.3
3rd meeting June 4th, 2013 0.3
Informal meeting of European delegates at the 3rd session of the Committee of Experts on UNGGIM July 25th, 2013 0.3
5th meeting April 25th, 2014 0.3
Report of the Preparatory Committee May 9th, 2014 0.4
Informal meeting of European delegates at the 4th session of the Committee of Experts on UNGGIM Aug 14th, 2014 0.4