2nd Joint UN-GGIM: Europe - ESS Meeting, Luxembourg, March 2016

The 2nd Joint UN-GGIM: Europe - ESS Meeting was hosted by Eurostat in Luxembourg on the 11th March 2016.

Meeting notes

Opening Session

Item 1 Agenda

Item 2 Opening address, Marcel Jortay, Eurostat

Item 3 Keynote from the Chair of UN-GGIM: Europe, Bengt Kjellson, UN-GGIM: Europe

Item 4 Keynote from Eurostat on SDG indicators, Fritz Gebhard, Eurostat

Item 5 Keynote from Eurostat on Big Data, Albrecht Wirthmann, Eurostat

Session 1: Reports from UN-GGIM: Europe Working Groups A and B

Item 6 Report and update from WG A, François Chirié, IGN, France

Item 7 Report and update from WG B, Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu, BKG, Germany

Session 2: The monitoring framework of the UN SDGs, opportunities for geospatial information

Item 8 The geospatial context for the SDGs and Indicators, Olav Eggers, Denmark